Octa Code Webs Accessibility Solution

Global Solution - Easy Implementation.

We have put effort and thought about making a global solution that will allow everyone to enjoy and use contents around the web, we are always looking for solutions to make the web more friendly - for everyone !

The feature we have developed works immediately when implemented on all the common browsers and cross-platform on any device, we tried to make the website owners life easy as well, no special requirements or knowledge necessary.


We have a variety of tools to make your site accessible for everyone

We follow the standards of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Font Size Control

Increase and Decrease the font size on your website.

Keyboard Navigation

Helps navigating through out the site with ease of the keyboard.

High Contrast

Equalize the page contrast to create a more comfortable environment for the viewer.

Highlight Links

Make the browsing experience more implicit and easy.

Disable Animations

Movement and flickering colors may have some unwanted affect, we make it optional.

Gray Scale

For those who prefer the old fashion look. :)


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