Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I change the style and position of the toolbar?

    You can go ahead and use the license editor from the Dashboard view. Just click the "Edit" action.

  • What to do when my license expiration date is approaching?

    You will be able to renew your license validity when the date will come.

  • What happens if I forget to renew my license and it has expired?

    We will still reserve the license for you up to 15 days, You will be prompted for renewal.

  • Is there a premium plan?

    Premium plans are available through Pricing or dashboard, to have some more power with the feature and having a long period of license validity.

  • Can you inspect my website to verify if everything is correct to the WCAG standards?

    Yes, please go ahead and use the Ask For Expert Form

  • When I have created a new license, it has an expiry for 60 days, what happens after?

    In the end of every expiration period, we suggest our clients the option to renew the selected license package: Free package either upgrade to an extended license.